Customized Machineries

We offer machine and line solutions for our customers’ specific needs mainly including the production, assembly, test and supervision fields. We have been successfully producing finished products for 16 years thanks to our high level of design capability as well as our experiences in various fields, mainly including the automotive field.


We design and produce all types of fixtures required by the automotive, white goods and defense industries. The production, assembly, calibration, welding, cutting and measurement fixtures are commissioned based on the customer needs and in compliance with the required criteria.

Production - Spare Parts

We carry out the processing of the metal equipments needed for the production of all customized machines, automation lines and fixtures designed and produced by us, by using the technological and conventional workbenches within the body of our organization. Our organization has 10 process centers in total. We also offer serial production and spare part support for our customers.


We create solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers with our design team of 15-20 people. We offer fast design solutions for the specific needs, by professionalizing in every work branch and their sub-branches. We have been operating as an official R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology as of June-2019.